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about BKCAN

Why should you consider BKCAN?

With the Texas Hill Country’s rapid and continual growth, an array of businesses and resources have migrated from the larger cities to tap into the talent and lifestyle of a smaller neighboring community. Kendall County is among the top of this list with proximity to both San Antonio and Austin, reduced taxes and growing talent pool.


This migration has not only been ripe for existing companies but opened a lower barrier to entry for new and upcoming businesses as well. This opportunity is where the Boerne Kendall County Angel (BKCAN) Network was born.

Headed by Justin McKenzie, the BKCAN is intelligently aligned with the Economic Development Corporation and Chamber of Commerce. These strategic alliances allow direct access to upcoming growth in the market for both Angels and prospective businesses.

Grass is greenest where you water it… let’s water our backyard with the resources needed to thrive for generations to come.

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