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Looking to

make an impact?

Why should you consider BKCAN?

You live in Kendall County because you had the foresight to see the growth patterns trending this direction. Your proactivity has placed you and your family in the heart of one of the most beautiful and stable economic landscapes available.

Shaking Hands

The Boerne Kendall County Angel Network (BKCAN) will keep you apprised to new and upcoming opportunities right here in your own backyard. You will be kept up to date on new companies seeking to relocate to Kendall County, provided performance information on their businesses, and offered the exclusive first rights at helping fund to keep our community intentionally ahead of the curve.

With the focus on connection, we have reduced your barrier to entry to a nominal one-time fee of $500 and membership fee of only $500/ yr.


Click below to receive a detailed list of what all becoming an Angel will provide you.

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