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Local innovation and talent coming together to pave our region's future 


Are you an accredited investor who wants to build a legacy and impact organizations locally and across our great country?  If so, BKCAN is an exciting opportunity to meet your neighbors, and learn how we are fueling innovative smart growth in the Texas Hill Country.


Are you an innovative visionary who is building the future, looking for Angel investors?  If so, the Boerne Kendall County Angel Network would like to meet you.  We are passionately pursuing success, improved quality of life, and the future economy in the Texas Hill Country.  

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Boerne Kendall County Angel Network exists to highlight our region on a global stage.  Our citizens are the region's greatest asset, impacting diverse Fortune 500 companies, creating the latest Biomed and healthcare solutions, and redefining agriculture in today's digital world.  While creating an environment to create exciting and long-term employment solutions for future generations.

Our local community is positioned to impact the local post-COVID economy, investing in big ideas, and reigniting existing businesses locally and across, Texas and the US.  Rural America is seeing new interest from companies who are looking to exit large dense city centers and focus on their employee’s quality of life.

BKCAN exists to create a community of Angels focused on making Boerne and Kendall County visible to entrepreneurs and business leaders looking to find a home for their next venture.

"It's the investor who is risky, not the investment"

Robert Kiyosaki

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